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"I have fallen in love with the k9 coil dog leash. I have a St. Bernard I walk 2-3 times a day. The control handle and hands-free features are the best. No tangles and no fuss! What a fabulous idea!"

 -Joanne Bardin, Michigan

" I have used your K9 Coil for several years with my service dog, it works good!"

-Yuki Nagaoka, Japan

"Walking my stubborn Bulldog used to be stressful! After trying the K9 Coil dog leash, I was amazed how much support and control it gives me while eliminating any strain to Bailey's neck, making our walks more pleasurable! Not only is Bailey happy getting exercise, I am no longer being taken for a walk! The K9 Coil is a marvelous invention!

-Nancy and Bailey, Clearwater, FL

"We love to walk our dogs in the neighborhood and out on the beach. The K9 Coil  dog leash gives us the best Control, versatility, and durability we've ever had in a leash. After using it, we'd never walk Bud with anything else."

-Sarah, Robyn, and Bud

"Just had to write and tell you how happy I am with the K9 Coil dog leash. I don't know who enjoys it more, my dog Curlee, or me! Curlee is a great walker, but tends to stop and smell the roses. I was constantly untangling his leash from his legs. Now with the K9 Coil dog leash, Curlee can stop all he wants and never get tangled up. We love it! Thanks very much for a great product."

-Victoria C Safety Harbor, Florida

I love our K9 Coil dog Leash. It is so easy to use our 19 month year old Mackenzie is able to walk Roman! No tripping, no tangling.

Trachele Hartman,Marin County, CA

The K9 Coil works great for pigs too! I love the fact it absorbs shock and doesn't tangle around Bacon's hooves.

The best feature about the K9 Coil is the built in control handle- perfect for when Roscoe wants to run towards other dog's to greet them.

Heather S and Roscoe, St Augustine Fl.

I love the leash for all the sports related things I do with my dog. I skateboard so it's perfect for my dog to run along side and not worry about him tripping over the leash- or having him jerk my arm while I'm attached to the hands free leash. Also- It's easy enough for my 4 year old son Tylan to use.

Daniel and Tylan King, St Augustine Fl

Angie loves her K9 Coil

Laura Thompson says:

I love the K9Coil dog leash! It's the perfect dog leash for the beach. No more soggy water logged leashes or corroded retractables that always rust and corrode in the salt!

Capt. Bret Gamrot says:

My best buddy, Jessa, is the coolest little Rat Terrier. She goes with me everywhere. On the boat. On the road. So the K9 Coil is always with me and is by far the best leash ever. Other leashes don't even compare and I have trashed them! K9 Coil is the only leash for my buddy Jessa!

Reviewer: Barbara Handelman
This leash is everything the description promises, and more. It is ideal for handlers, like myself, who work with dogs while seated in a manual or power wheelchair. No more leash tangled in the chair's axle! I'm training a powerful 18 month old GSD whose default position is out in front of the handler. I attach the velcro leash handle to the arm of the wheelchair, which leaves me a free hand to click and treat my dog for the appropriate position of his body relative to my chair. My hand and shoulder are no longer taking the hit when he pulls. I love this leash!
Barbara Handelman, M.Ed, CDBC, Certified Behavior "Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook"

καζίνο says:

treat my dog for the appropriate position of his body relative to my chair. My hand and shoulder are no longer taking the hit when he pulls. I love this leash!

K9 Coil Dog Leash Writes:

Studies show benefits of using a shock absorbing coiled leash.

As responsible dog owners, we know that maintaining control over our dog’s behavior means keeping them safe, injury free, and healthy. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility sometimes, but there are ways to make it less stressful. Let’s address leash laws and enjoying the basics of a good dog walk today.

Just about every state in the US has instituted some form of leash law or restraining order for dogs( most are 6 feet and under). Reasons for leash laws include: to keep our pets safe, keep relations between neighbors friendly, maintain a safe community, and prevent damage to property.

A good dog walk includes enjoying the scenery (for both dog and owner), and getting exercise that keeps us both fit. In order to do that, it is imperative to assure that our pet is trained without causing injury. Research indicates that neck injuries in dogs occur when poor leash and collar combination's cause sudden jerks against the throat and neck. These neck injuries can mimic whiplash in a human or bruising as if someone had tried to strangle us.

There are a variety of collars and harnesses available today to make the dog’s comfort greater. Leashes also, come in several varieties, but the best leash is one that is not only humane, but allows you flexibility in control and prevents injury. For instance:

A leash having a built in control handle that enables you to easily bring your pet under control by using grip control handle near the harness or collar without injury or choking.
A leash should help prevent tangling such as a coiled leash and getting underfoot or twisted in the line.
A leash should fit comfortably in our hand or around our wrist for hands free enjoyment and also prevent soreness and enable easy control by small movements.
Finding the right equipment will help you and your pet have greater enjoyment during your walks. Cushioned handles, designs that help to reduce strain on both your wrists and hands and your pet’s neck and chest, and tangle-free- zero drag lines all help to make your walk more comfortable and safe.

Check out our K9 Coil dog leash and K9 Coil hands free dog leash for your next shock absorbing , zero drag coiled leash option and make your walks more enjoyable and satisfying. We appreciate your visit to our blog and invite you to come back often and enjoy the news.